Tell me more about START TODAY!


Let us introduce you bits of knowledge about our company to make you familiar.

START TODAY -our company name-.


Our company name “START TODAY” is derived from a song title of one hard-core punk band called the “GORILLA BISCUITS”. They’ve actually visited our office and were kind enough to sign on the wall of our CEO’s room.

How we care about our employees.


Every employee working at STARTTODAY is willing to experiences each other’s pleasure by thinking and acting willingly. We are trying to make work a natural part of our everyday life,by increasing happy employees. We believe inspiring one another by expressing individual imaginations will contribute to the growth of each and one of us.

We call our recruiting activity “Hello” .


We named our recruiting activity “Hello” wishing that our corporate philosophy would spread worldwide, becoming an entrance for a field where everyone can shine.

Staff Directly Site

st face

In-house PC site “ST FACE” enables employees to browse basic information about one another, by clicking on people’s head shots. This app gave us an opportunity to communicate with each other, as a first approach.

Work with unique people


STARTTODAY deeply values unique employees.

Official mascot for 6-hour work day style


The official mascot for our 6-hour work day style “ROKUJIRO” is a samurai who has a hair style like the number 6. He finishes work in 6 hours every day and enjoys after hours playing golf, reading, running and practicing English conversation. He is 30 years old, and lives with his wife and kids.

Having a big employee event every year around Christmas.


A general meeting for all of our employees is called “STARTTODAY CAMP”, which is held in December every year. We hold several events where all employees can participate, such as group singing guided by CEO Maezawa.

ZOZOBUS for employee’s


The “ZOZOBUS” for our staff, operates between our logistics facilities “ZOZOBASE” and nearby stations.ZOZOBUS-1 is dressed in black from window to tire. The other white and silver buses also run around the Makuhari district.

Makuhari housing allowance.


Employees living in the Makuhari District can receive a housing allowance of 50 thousand yen every month. This system was established to reinvigorate Makuhari’s economy which is our CEO’s hometown. 80% of our employees are currently living in Makuhari.

Love on the door


In our office, there is a door with a big sticker stating “Love” which is “愛” in Japanese. The implied meaning is “Important colleagues and information are behind the door, so let’s handle the door with love!”.

10 yen ARIGATO-donation


Based on the concepts “Inspire each other with warm feelings”, we are continuing CSR activity “ZOZOARIGATO”. By posting feelings of gratitude on the bulletin board, users are able to participate in the donation.