Our achievements

Transaction value for FY2015 was 159.5 billion yen.

For FY2015, the Total Transaction Value resulted as 159,500 million yen (+23.6% Y/y),
Net sales resulted as 54,422 million yen (+32.1% Y/y), Operating profit resulted as 17,756 million yen (+17.7% Y/y), and Recurring profit resulted 17,883 (+18.1% Y/y), and Net Profit was 11,988 million yen (+33.2% Y/y).

For the ZOZOTOWN business, we added more shops at a higher speed, held aggressive coupon campaigns with the brands, replaced the CRM system, enhanced the item reviews which are written by our staff who’ve worn the items, which led to increase the unique user count,
allowing us to have a higher CVR (the percentage of purchases among our unique users).
This all resulted as having 4,477,350 buyers (3,557,244 for FY 2014), 15,111,458 shipments(+41.1% Y/y),and \47,937(+10.1% Y/y)with an average of 9.4 items purchased(+21.8% Y/y)as a yearly spending amount among our active members.

Towards the guidance, (which was 168,200 million yen for the Total Transaction Value, 53,800 million yen for Net Sales 19,140 million yen for Operating Profit, and 12,520 million yen for Net Profit) the Total Transaction Value was
94.8% achieved, Net Sales was 101.2% achieved, Operating Profit was 92.8% achieved, and Net Profit was 95.8% achieved.

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