Our 3 important philosophies

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

The corporate philosophy represents the core spirit of the company, which is also the company’s accomplishing goal. For us to substantialize our goal, “world peace”, we wish to deliver millions of smiles to everyone, through fashion.

Management philosophy

Management Philosophy

What kind of people fulfill our corporate philosophy?

“Caring People.”

A good company creates good business.
A good business creates good culture.
A good culture creates a great world.

This is our way of thinking. To fulfill the above, we aim to increase the number of “caring people”. We perform our daily tasks by valuing these thoughts.

Business philosophy

Business Philosophy

In order to accomplish our corporate philosophy, it is necessary for us to increase the number of people who share similar thoughts. Therefore, we would like to build new relationships with our customers, business partners, and stockholders to expand our connection with numerous people.