Our main business includes the ZOZOTOWN Business which consists of ZOZOTOWN(Japan’s largest online retailer of apparel and accessories), and the BtoB Business, where we support the individual online stores for the fashion brand’s, such as UNITED ARROWS and BEAMS.

Our business structures



①Purchased Stock Business
For stock purchase business, we mean fashion items we have purchased from several different brands, where we resell these items on our own online shops and boutiques in ZOZOTOWN. As of March 2015, we have 30 online shops and boutiques in such form.

②Consignment Business
For the consignment sales business, we handle consignment purchased items from our brands in ZOZOTOWN. We stock brand inventory for our online shop’s in our warehouse on behalf of the brands, which becomes sales for the consignment business on our website. As of March 2015, we have 656 online shops in this form.

③ZOZOUSED Business
We purchase used fashion products from our users, and resell them as a second hand business.

BtoB Business

For the brand e-commerce consulting business, our group supports fulfillment operations such as IT, designs, inventory, marketing, and management necessary for the fashion brands to operate their individual online stores. Our group is now supporting 33 brand’s e-commerce operation as of March 2015.


This includes sales related to the ZOZOTOWN business as well as the BtoB business (revenues from shipping fees, cash on delivery fees, and startup fees for new shops).