Mid- to-long term management plan

Mid- to-long term management plan

Market expansion strategy

Further expansion of ZOZOTOWN Business in fashion e-commerce market.
Covering several fashion categories by offering e-commerce consulting service.


We estimated that the total size of the apparel and accessories market in Japan during this fiscal year ending in March 2014 would reach to 15 trillion yen. And the size of apparel e-commerce market in a broad sense accounts for approximately 880 billion yen among the whole market. (In-company estimation based on the statistics such as the Current Survey of Commerce provided by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry). When it comes to the trend fashion market, however, the size of the market as a whole and that of the fashion e-commerce are actually about 9 trillion yen and 300 billion yen, respectively. (Both figures are derived from in-company estimation). The effective countermeasure we believe to achieve as our mid-and-long term goal is, domestic total transaction value should be 500 billion yen, increasing the ratio of the apparel and accessories e-commerce market to the market as a whole. In this regard, building more convenient infrastructures of fashion e-commerce for both users and brand suppliers is essential.