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Thank you for your continuous support.
We would like to take this opportunity to extend our best wishes to all of our shareholders.

Our FY2014 consolidated business result, reached a total of 129 billion yen in transaction value(+12.5%,YoY), and 15 billion yen for operating profit(+21.8%,YoY).
Welcoming the 10-year anniversary of ZOZOTOWN, we have had various types of convenient services, as well as enjoyable services for our customers, which were exciting and surprising in our own unique “ZOZOTOWN” ways. We plan to introduce various ideas celebrating our 10-year milestone until the end of December of 2015.

For FY2015, we plan to achieve 168 billion yen in transaction value (+30.3%,YoY), in order to bolster our growth aiming towards the mid to long term plan of reaching 500 billion yen in transaction value. We will accelerate our main businesses the“ZOZOTOWN business”, the “BtoB business”, and the “ZOZOUSED business”, as well as challenge for new fields with our newly established “Flea market business”. With “WEAR” we plan to grow continually in Japan,as well as concentrate on the overseas market.

Based on our corporate philosophy, “Make the world a better place, Bring smiles to the world” each and one of us will continue to work very seriously to our best exertions. Please look forward to the services of START TODAY.


Yusaku Maezawa